Success Stories

Zamila Begum

Zamila Begum, known as the "Flag Woman of Kashmir," is a remarkable figure from Kupwara, Jammu, and Kashmir. She gained recognition for her dedication to stitching and maintaining the national flag of India. Zamila Begum's commitment to this symbolic task has made her a respected individual in her community and beyond. Her efforts in ensuring the proper display of the national flag reflect her patriotism and love for her country. Zamila Begum's story has garnered attention, with notable events like her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi showcasing the recognition she has received for her work. Her involvement in the Kupwara Flag Stitching Centre highlights her role in upholding national pride through her craftsmanship and dedication to maintaining the integrity of the Indian flag.

Barkat Bistro

Barkat Bistro in Kupwara is a culinary gem known for its innovative take on Indian cuisine. Located in Patahirri, Kupwara, the bistro has celebrated milestones like its first anniversary, showcasing a commitment to culinary excellence and customer satisfaction. With a blend of traditional recipes and modern culinary techniques, Barkat Bistro reinvents Indian flavors, offering a unique gastronomic experience. The warm ambiance, elegant decor, and attentive staff create a welcoming atmosphere for diners. This restaurant stands out for its exceptional service, inviting ambiance, and a menu that presents a contemporary twist on classic Indian dishes, making it a must-visit dining destination in Kupwara.

Flag Women

As part of the "Har Ghar Tiranga" campaign, young women from Kunan and Poshpora villages in Kupwara, north Kashmir, are crafting the Indian Tricolor. The goal is to engage youth and foster national pride. Thanks to the Army's efforts, the border district of Kupwara saw the establishment of 160 TA, inspiring girls from various villages to join for nation-building. Initially, two Crewel Stitching & Tailoring Centers were set up, training 55 girls. Now, with 7 functional centers, 187 local girls are employed. The beautiful national flags, crafted in Kashmiri crewel art, not only uplift women but also contribute to their self-employment. The initiative, which produced 10,000 flags this year, promotes financial independence and equal standing in the community for these young women.

FLOWK - An initiative of Flag Women of Kupwara

FLWOK represents the resolve, grit and determination of the women of Kunan-Poshpora, who stood tall against orthodox societal norms and started stitching National Flags, for the first time in Kashmir. The initiative also motivated other women to take up flag stitching as means of empowering them, which in turn, has helped in spreading Nationalism amongst the populace. The initiative was recognized and appreciated by Honorable PM in ‘Mann Ki Baat’. The flag bearer of the team met Honorable PM during ‘At Home’ in Army House on 15 Dec 2022. The FLWOK has grown since then into a full fledged cooperative society stitching National Flags and traditional dresses of Kashmir. The hamper is an effort to provide impetus to this initiative and make FLWOK bigger and stronger.

Journey of Trehgam

Once a tranquil village nestled amidst the verdant valleys of Kupwara, Trehgam exuded serenity and simplicity in days past. Its scenic beauty and close-knit community painted a picture of idyllic rural life. Today, Trehgam stands as a resilient testament to the enduring spirit of its inhabitants, despite the challenges of conflict and change. While the scars of turmoil may linger, the village remains a symbol of hope, with its people striving for peace and prosperity. Amidst the echoes of history, Trehgam's journey reflects both the resilience of Kashmir and the aspirations of its people for a brighter tomorrow.

Smart Village Revolution

In the heart of rustic tranquility lies a beacon of modernity: Kunan poshpora transformed into a bustling nexus of connectivity, courtesy of the army's dedicated provision of 24/7 internet access. This digital lifeline has woven a tapestry of innovation, birthing what is now heralded as a "smart village." Every corner buzzes with the hum of progress. The youth, once confined by geographical constraints, now embrace boundless opportunities through online education and accessing the digital media. Even governance becomes transparent and efficient, empowering residents with a voice in their development. The support of Aseem foundation and Indian army's stewardship not only ensures connectivity but also nurtures a resilient, empowered community, where the promise of tomorrow meets the roots of yesterday in harmonious synergy.