A aShadow Over Kashmir

Reframing the Narrative

The book 'Do You Remember Kunan Poshpora?' confronts us with a tragic chapter in Kashmir's history. It's a story that compels empathy and demands answers. However, true understanding requires acknowledging the conflict's complexities.

Beyond Heroes and Villains: The Blurred Lines of Wars

Soldiers in Kashmir operate in a highly challenging environment. They strive for peace under immense pressure. The vast majority are dedicated professionals who uphold ethical codes and serve with integrity, bound by a code of honor. Distinguishing combatants from civilians in war zones like Kashmir is a perilous task. Militants exploit civilian populations, creating a dangerous situation. Soldiers face the agonizing choice of protecting innocents while confronting threats.

Kunan Poshpora:A Shattered Idyll

Nestled in Kashmir, Kunan Poshpora is a village defined by rich history, breathtaking beauty, and a simple life. Its residents, bound by a strong community and rooted in tradition, have nurtured their land through generations. The allegations of rape in Kunan Poshpora are deeply disturbing. A thorough, impartial investigation is paramount. All perpetrators, regardless of affiliation, must face a fair and just legal process. However, it is equally important that soldiers wrongly accused deserve due process as well. This would mean considering different views together, talking openly about it and aiming for peace and justice for everyone.

"We should all do something for our country like the women of Kupwara."

- PM Modi about Kunan Poshpora

Flag Women of Kupwara working towards Women Empowerment.

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